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manufacturer bicycleов Crescent Флаг Финляндии
Swedish bicycle manufacturer. I have never used it myself, but I often see it in Finland and, more surprisingly, in Sweden.

Official Website: www.crescent.fi/

bicycle crescent, image from www.topbicycle.ru
manufacturer bicycleов Helkama Helkama Флаг Финляндии
Finnish manufacturer bicycleov - «Helkama», better known in Russia for refrigerators, is also a big name in bicycle history of Finland. The Helkama$s slogan deserves special attention, translation from Finnish sounds like
All you may need except the reverse gear
The first bicycles «Helkama» appeared in 1905 in Vyborg. A peasant from the Tampere Heikki J. Hellman registered his business under this name.
bicycle helkama image from www.topbicycle.ru
Successful trade was interrupted by wars. However, the matter did not die. Hellman$s bicycle business was continued by his brothers Matti, Paavo, Pekka and Eero, who achieved excellent results.

In 1953, the first own factory began production of 200 bicycle daily, and since 1969 exported products to Sweden.

Then the most beloved, the most popular and the most practical transport in Finland and bicycle for everyone - «Jopo».
bicycle helkama jopo image from www.topbicycle.ru
All kinds of JOPO in Prisma. bicycle helkama jopo image from www.topbicycle.ru
Jopo Cruiser. bicycle helkama jopo cruiser image from www.topbicycle.ru
For a whileI was using a tiny bicycle of this brand.

It had three-gears, front brakes cantilever, rear drum, in general he is somewhat staggered, but pulls well. Its reliability reminds me of domestic bicycles Soviet production, so I have a positive impression of Helkama.
bicycle helkama image from www.topbicycle.ru
Official Website: www.helkamavelox.fi
manufacturer bicycleов Nopsa Флаг Финляндии
Finnish manufacturer bicycle. They like to put metal wings, however as well as other Finnish firms ( Helkama, Tunturi, Crescent) produce mainly urban road bicycles.

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Official Website - nopsa.fi
Finnish bicycle Nopsa image from www.topbicycle.ru
Finnish bicycles Tunturi
bicycles Tunturi Флаг Финляндии
The history of the Finnish bicycle manufacturer «Tunturi» began in 1922 in a small repair shop where, in the breaks between work, the brothers Aarne and Eero Harke showed their creativity, creating in 1926 the first bicycle «Tunturi».

After a while (in the 50$s), the plant «Tunturi» was recognized as the undisputed brand leader, who forever conquered the harsh hearts of Finns.

Products for a healthy lifestyle from «Tunturi» to this day in demand in 40 countries.
bicycle tunturi image from www.topbicycle.ru
In 2016 I was cycling this old Tunturi bike before I move to Rauma.

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bicycle tunturi
Official Website - tunturi.com - I did not find bicycles on there website but I constantly see new models in finnish shops.

Boutiques in Finland

Shop of recycled bicycles

Finns are not in a hurry to write off old bicycles for scrap. More than 500 tons of raw materials, used for components, it was possible to save last year the use of the goods of the capital region in the framework of the work on restoration and implementation 2 000 bicycles, according to the portal of the city of Helsinki.

Two-wheeled transport, faulty or unnecessary, residents of the capital and suburbs rent in the center of processing, where bikes are given a second life. In workshops they are repaired and carried out maintenance, and then checked for reliability and safety.

Kierrätyskeskus shop of pobe things in
    Helsinki and Espoo photo from site www.heihei.ru

Since March 24 in all stores in the center will start selling 1200 restored bicycles, another 250 will be implemented on the Web. Buyers will receive warranty cards for a period of one month.


The reuse center (Kierrätyskeskus) in the metropolitan region of Finland - A non-profit organization that promotes sustainable lifestyles and conservation natural resources. Accepts second-hand things, and then sells them or gives them away for free. Has 6 shops.

Also provides environmental education and consulting services of 40,000 children, adolescents, adults and teachers. Centre reuse also organizes awareness-raising activities public and provides training materials.

Source: HeiHei.ru

Regular Shops






Do not have Tax Free option



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Cycling dictionary in Finnish

Sports goods - Urheilut

Free time and hobby - Vapaa-aika ja harrastukset

Bicycle - Pyörä, polkupyörä

Buy - Osta

Shop - Kauppa

Electric Bicycle - Sähkopyörä

Rent a bike in Helsinki

Yellow bicycles alepa can be rented out here

Электровелосипеды в Финляндии

Электро велосипеды (Sähkopyörät) в Финляндии можно купить в различных магазинах:

Самые низкие цены в магазине Biltema




В Призме, к сожалению, нет фильтра «электро» на сайте prisma.fi

Delivery from Finland

You can buy end take with to Russia bicycle if it is cheaper that 500

Otherwise you need to pay taxes. You can read about taxes here.

Bike events in Finland


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